Shopping Local, Shopping Eco

    There are so many articles available about the impact an individual can have just by deciding where to spend their hard earned dollars. This being the case I will do my best not to bore you with statistics. Maybe I can help you understand why shopping local and shopping eco is important to me. 

   Well, to start with, I love this world that we live in. I love the beauty that surrounds us in nature. I love the people that inhabit this planet with me. We, the people that live on this planet, are going to either save it or destroy it with our choices. I, personally, can't cleanse the planet of pollution. But, I can try to make better purchases.

    By better purchases, I mean by shopping your local small businesses. By shopping local, the cost of getting the items you buy to you is less. Less transportation costs, less fuel used, less pollution....and it continues to trickle down. The other greatest reason, small businesses are not a huge corporation. These businesses are people that live in your neighborhood and want their towns to thrive. They are individuals that work hours on end to share their passion. Mine just happens to be fashion for the 67% percent of American women that are a size 14+.

   By better purchases, I also mean not purchasing disposable clothing. There is far too much going into our landfills.  An article was written in a newspaper called the Atlantic. It stated that 10.5 million tons of clothing go into landfills each year. By buying better quality clothing, we can get several lives out of the pieces we buy.  Consigning is one option for an additional life, okay, so it is my favorite option but it's obvious I am biased. Donating unwanted clothing is another wonderful option. Lastly, recycling them is fantastic as well. Now that last one works best if we, the consumers, buy textiles that are recyclable. 

   There is so much power we have by choosing to just try to do a little better. I promised not to bore with statistics so I will wrap this up. This is a teeny tiny bit about why I believe in shopping local and shopping eco. We share articles that give more in depth discussion of these topics and more on our Facebook page. Please join us there.