These are our most frequently asked questions
What types of items can I consign?

We accept women's plus size clothing and accessories that are of high quality. All items must

be cleaned, pressed,

and on hangers, if applicable, and purchased within the last two years.

We accept

  • Seasonal Casual to Business Casual 

  • Seasonal Dresses to Formal Dresses 

  • Authentic Designer Items 

  • Shoes (Must Be In Like NEW Condition

  • Unique Handbags

  • Costume or Authenticated Jewelry (Earrings must be NEW)

  • Accessories 

What sizes are accepted?

We accept Women's Only

  • sizes 10-28

  • sizes 0x-4x

  • Shoe sizes 7, 7w, and larger

  • We may accept other sizes at the discretion of Perfect Curve Staff.

When can I bring my items? How many can I bring?

Appointments are required and are available Wednesdays and Thursdays. An appointment allows us to prepare for your items and make sure we have adequate staff to assist you. At your appointment you may bring in up to 25 hanging items. We are very happy to look at photographs sent to us through our email. This can save everyone time an effort by pre approving items for consignment before bringing them to the store.

Why am I required to bring my items on hangers?

When you place your cleaned, pressed items on hangers, you are easily able to check your items for missing buttons, wear and tear, missing tags, stains, etc. These items can then be removed before you bring in items to consign. It speeds up the consignment process, as we are also able to easily inspect your items and get them to our sales floor faster.

How do I know what items to bring in?

We accept seasonally appropriate items. We accept other items at the discretion of Perfect Curve. We base our decisions on what our customers are looking for and purchasing.    If you are unsure, please call us.    We will be happy to help you determine what will sell.  We want consigning with us to be a pleasant and profitable experience for everyone involved. Although we have to turn away items every day, we have designed a checklist to assist you in your determinations before you bring your items to the store. Answer the following questions, as honestly as possible, about each item

you are considering consigning.

  1. Is it a women's clothing item?

  2. Is it a clothing item size 10, 10/12, 0x OR LARGER? Shoe size 7, 7w OR LARGER?

  3. Is it clean, fresh, and ready to go? (No hair, lint, odors{smoke or perfumes}. Freshly laundered or dry cleaned)

  4. Is it name brand? (NO "mart" brands)

  5. Is it current? (No more than 2 years old) 

  6. Are purses and/or  accessories clean? (No debris or stains inside or out of bags. No perfume, hairspray or cosmetics on accessories)

  7. Are shoes clean, polished, and in like new condition? (No foot bed dentations, no scuffs or scratches, soles in near perfect condition with no signs of being worn outdoors)

  8. Is it on a hanger? Accessories and shoes neat in basket or tote?

How do you decide which of my items to accept?

Please, don't take it personally if we reject an item or items that you bring in. We only consign items that we feel will appeal to our shoppers. Due to the high volume of items we are presented, and the small size of our store, we are just simply unable to accept everything that is brought to us. We must be extremely selective as to what we accept and just can't take items that may not be sellable  or if we are experiencing overcrowding in one or more of our sections.

Do you only accept designer brands?

No. We accept popular, better, and designer brands. We do not, however, accept brands from box stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Family Dollar, Rainbow, etc.

Does Perfect Curve accept "knock-offs"?

NO. Absolutely Not. We only accept designer items that can be authenticated. Our customers expect that the designer items that we offer to be authentic. If we are in doubt as to the authenticity of an item, we will not sell it.  When you purchase a luxury item, it is wise to retain your receipt in a safe place. Your receipt validates age as well as the original purchase price of your item should you choose  to consign a luxury item.

Who sets the prices?

We use our knowledge and our experience to set all prices. We price items based on several factors, such as supply and demand, season, the condition of your item, original retail prices, and what the market will  bear. Remember, selling your items is similar to selling a house. Curb appeal means the world! The fresher the garment, the greater the appeal to shoppers.

How do I maximize my items value, or "curb appeal"?

To maximize the value of your items you must make sure ALL items have their tags with the brand, size information and washing instructions. Leave ALL sewn in labels attached. Your future buyers like to know what they are buying and how to care for their purchases. We will not consign any item without these tags. Leave all price tags and manufacturer attached tags if applicable. Original price tags increase the value of the item because the buyer is sure that the item has never been laundered and they are getting a great bargain! If you have items that have been recently dry-cleaned , please leave dry cleaning tags attached.

Items CANNOT BE ALTERED IN ANY WAY! This includes hemmed pants.

Can I pick up items that are unsold?

You may pick up any items still on the sales floor any time during the first 87 days of your consignment, but it is your responsibility to do so. Call and inform us of your intention to remove your items. We will let you know the best time to come in and retrieve your items from the sales floor. We do not do this for you. We do not guarantee all of your items made it to the floor. Any items that were deemed unsellable and left with us were immediately donated.  

What if I can't find my belongings?

Perfect Curve is not responsible for theft, damage of any kind, or loss of consigned property. You agree to consign at Perfect Curve at your own risk. We do our very best to protect your items. Sometimes theft and other events occur that are beyond our control.

Do you donate articles left behind?

Articles left in the store past day 87 become the property of Perfect Curve. Items can be left on the floor, stored, donated to our choice of local charity, or become part of our voucher program to dress our local women in need.

What are the advantages of consigning with Perfect Curve vs. having a garage sale or selling online?

The biggest advantage? We  save you hours of labor. 

Perfect curve will

  • provide a calm and friendly atmosphere for shoppers

  • be conveniently located (no strange meetups)

  • provide dressing rooms

  • give items 90 days to sell

  • research, tag, and price your items (no haggling)

  • display your items

  • do all advertising

  • give you the opportunity to find items that are better suited to your current needs.

What if I buy items with my earnings? Can I return them?

All sales at Perfect Curve, like at most consignment stores, are final. If, however, the item is in perfect resalable condition, we can consider it for add it to your current consignment. 

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