The Boutique

Perfect Curve was initially created as a boutique specializing in new and previously owned fashion choices as there simply aren’t enough affordable places that carry the sizes that many people require. Over time, our clientele has grown to include professionals, executives, teachers, medical practitioners, politicos, and stay-at-home moms. People like you … people who have become more than just clients, but friends who have trusted and relied upon Perfect Curve as their source for wardrobe and lifestyle advice.

All too often, our clients would come into the boutique to discuss and try to fix mistakes made while shopping at other stores without our trusted advice… telling us that the clerk at the store told them that items and outfits looked just fabulous when in truth, not so much! These kinds of experiences make it hard to feel confident and to feel put together.  Many of our clients request our assistance as personal shoppers, wardrobe consultants, and lifestyle coaches.  Personal consulting services have and large and dominate portion of our service offerings.

With COVID-19 staffing issues, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain staffing in the retail boutique and respond to the need for more personalized services. For the time being, we have decided to suspend our boutique and consignment services in order to focus on the consultation and personal shopping needs of our busy clientele.