About Perfect Curve

I have always enjoyed shopping. Not everyone does. I love it. I love hunting for the perfect outfit, the matching shoe, and that oh so beautiful finishing touch. It's a treasure hunt. One, that for me, has always brought me joy. It was even more fun when I shopped for someone else. Dressing someone else is a wonderful challenge that never gets old. I love getting more out of their budget than they ever expected. Even better? The expression on their face when they look in the mirror.

"That's great" you say. "But why consignment?"

That question is not as easily answered.  Thanksgiving, 2014. Nine people sat enjoying their holiday meal. I was so proud of that dinner.  The debate started about whether or not it was time for pie. It was such a happy moment, one that was all too brief.

An electrical fire started in the room below. We scrambled out with, for some of us, the clothes on our backs.

"Well, didn't you have insurance?"

Yes, of course. They were amazing. They quickly arranged $500 per person to get immediate necessities. Do you know how much it costs to replace every product you use to bathe with at once? Neither did I. Then, being November, shoes were next on the list....retail. There was not much left for clothing. We tried the box stores and nothing fit. Tried thrift stores next. There all I found was old jeans, basic men's tees, and piles of damaged or stained clothing. I was desperate. Then I found consignment stores.

CONSIGNMENT! What a wonderful, eco-friendly idea! I was lucky and found a few that had some knits that were large enough for me even though my true sizes are more in the 1x-2x range.

Where were all the plus size clothes?

Fast forward to 2017. 2 years as a volunteer taught me about the consignment world. 30 years of dressing others taught me about fashion styling for any body type. The fire showed me a need. Mix it all together and we have the birth of Perfect Curve.