Personal Closet Audit and Curation

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We offer appointments for personal closet curation experiences. When people think about a Closet Audit, they often think about organizing that messy closet! Although we can help you transform your closet into a more functional space, a Perfect Curve Closet Audit is about helping you to better understand and utilize the clothes already in your closet, finding new and undiscovered ways to wear the pieces you already own, while gently assisting you with the confidence to let go of items that no longer serve you.


Hanger by hanger, drawer by drawer, we help you to consider new pairings and undiscovered ways to wear the pieces you already own. We will help you make your existing wardrobe more functional, and suggest acquiring a few new key pieces that take your whole look to a new level.

Private appointments are available for $50.00 per hour (2 hr minimum) and can be booked with us by email or by contacting us through Messenger/Facebook.  Contacting us by email or Messenger allows you to let us know what you are looking for; allowing us to better prepare to serve you.

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