Terms of Consignment

Consigned items must meet the following conditions

  1. We accept women's clothing no smaller than size 12 or 0x. We accept shoes in perfect condition starting at size 9 or larger, as well as purses, jewelry, scarves and other accessories. If in doubt, please call.

  2. Priority is given to consignor's with appointments. Other consignments may be accepted as time permits at the discretion of Perfect Curve.

  3. All items must be in style and preference will be given to seasonally appropriate items. We accept all department store brands and designer labels. We do not accept box store brands.

  4. All items must be free of any and all odors, including but not limited to smoke, pets, mustiness, or perfumes.

  5. Please examine your items carefully in strong daylight for subtle spots, missing buttons, broken zippers, stressed seams, deodorant residue, animal fur, pilling, fading, excessive wear or other flaws. If any of these is present, please refrain from bringing them to your appointment.

  6. Consignors may bring up to 25 hanging garments unless other arrangements have been made. Shoes and accessories can be brought in addition to your 25 hanging garments.

  7. All clothing must be brought in clean, wrinkle-free, and on hangers. Shoes must be clean, and if appropriate, polished.

  8. At your appointment we will inspect your items, accepting only those we feel will sell. During pricing we may discover problems that make an item unmarketable. Items found to be flawed at pricing will be donated immediately without notification.

  9. Initial selling price and subsequent discounts will be controlled by Perfect Curve. We reserve the right to run sales and promotions as we see fit.

  10. Consignment period is 90 days. Items still on the selling floor at day 87 are forfeit to Perfect Curve. Items are subject to donation at any time.

  11. Consignors who during the initial 87 days wish to retrieve any or all unsold items must call for an appointment.  It is the consignor's responsibility to locate, identify, and remove their items from the sales floor. Staff will then remove tags and delete items from your consignment account.

  12. Consignors receive 30% of an item's selling price. Out of every item sold, 50% of it's selling price goes to overhead. Out of the remaining 50%, we retain 20% as profit. Checks may be requested by consignors with a minimum of $30.00 in their account and have waited the required 2 weeks after completion of their first 90 day consignment.  Checks that have not been cashed within 30 days of issue will NOT be reissued and proceeds are forfeit. Shopping against balance as store credit will be available after completion of initial 90 day consignment. If a check has been issued, that balance is not eligible for store credit. You must choose one or the other. That choice is binding.

  13. Perfect Curve will make every effort to protect your items, but we will not be liable for consigned items damaged or lost during consignment. Perfect Curve cannot be held liable for loss by fire, theft, or irresponsible try-on, by smoke or water damage, or natural disasters. All responsibility for the items remain with the consignor.  Perfect Curve will remain blameless against any harm, and the consignor will not be compensated.

  14. Proceeds must be requested by consignor. Any proceeds not claimed within 1 year of consignment are forfeit.

  15. By consigning with Perfect Curve, consignors are agreeing to the afore stated, and/or any additional printed terms established by Perfect Curve.