I’m a fashion and wardrobe consult, specializing in styling real people with curves, assisting you to create a natural and unique look that works for you and your lifestyle. I understand that what one chooses to wear is a subtle form of communication that sends a message to everyone you encounter; it is critically important to express who you really are, and not to send the “wrong” message. For all of my life, I have been the friend that people call upon when they simply do not know what to wear.


For me, it began as a girl dressing Barbies. Too many decades later, not much has changed, except that I know dress real women for the real world. I find great joy and purpose in helping other women to find the best size and fit for their body-type, and develop the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to ultimately explore fashion, style, and make wardrobe choices for themselves.

With decades of style, fashion, brand knowledge, and retail experience, I have made a profession of rating existing closets, and searching through boutiques and resell and department stores guiding professional women to make strategic wardrobe purchase decisions and complete simply fabulous outfits that give the confidence and natural look that works for them and their demanding lifestyles.